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Hopi Laws



Hopi Code

updated September 20, 2022


Ordinance 34

Hopi Tribal Election Ordinance

Ordinance 46

Exclusions (2)

Ordinance 61

Small Animal Control (2)

Ordinance 53

Hopi Parental Responsibility Ordinance

Ordinance 52

Hopi Tribal Civil Trespass Ordinance

Ordinance 51

Hopi Tribe Mental Health Ordinance

Ordinance 50

Hopi Family Relations Ordinance

Ordinance 48

Wildlife Ordinance

Ordinance 47

Woodland Ordinance

Ordinance 46

Ordinance for the Regulation, Exclusion and Removal of Nonmembers

Ordinance 43

Ordinance for the Control of Livestock an Grazing on the Hopi Reservation

Ordinance 35

The Hopi Children's Code

Ordinance 33

Hopi Enrollment

Ordinance 21

Establishment of Courts and Appointment of Judges; Court Procedures; Criminal Code

Court Rules:

Hopi Rules of Civil Procedure

Enacted August 28, 2012 and Corrected April 04, 2013

Resolution H-12-76

To Establish the Hopi Tribal Courts as Courts of Record; to Establish an Order of Precedence for Authority to Guide Trial Courts in Making Decisions; and to Clarify the Procedures of the Appellate Court of the Hopi Tribe

Federal Rules used by our Court:

1.5.5.  RULES OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE.   The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure shall govern all criminal proceedings before the Trial Court.  In the event that there is a conflict between the Federal Rules and procedures established under Hopi law, the procedures established in Hopi law shall control.

1.5.6. RULES OF EVIDENCE.  The Federal Rules of Evidence shall constitute the rules of evidence, to the extent that they do not conflict with Hopi law and tradition, in all proceedings before the Trial Courts.