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Fee Schedule

Court fees are paid at the Court Clerk’s office located in the Main Court Building. The fees are payable by money order or cashier’s check.

Hopi Tribal Court Fee Schedule

Admission to Hopi Bar as Attorney or Lay Advocate
Civil Complaint (except those listed below)
Divorce Petition/Complaint
Probate Petition/Application for Appointment
Guardianship Petition
Adoption Petition
Name Change Petition
Restraining Order
Order of Protection
Objection to Probation Petition
Answer to Cross Claim or Counterclaim
Motion to Intervene
Motion to set aside Judgment
Civil Jury Fee
$15.00 per Juror
Motion for New Trial
Civil Notice of Appeal
Certified Copy per document
Copy Cost per page
Copy of Recording per recording

Traffic Fines and Fees

Bond Fee Schedule

All defendants, as a matter of right, are bailable before conviction, by sufficient case or surety bail bond, and after conviction, by sufficient cash or surety bail bond, and after conviction if an appeal is pending. If bail is not met, the defendant shall be incarcerated until his case is heard.
Hopi Code, Title II, 2.5.2 BAILABLE OFFENSES

Bail shall be set by the judge upon the showing of probable cause by the prosecutor or complainant. Bail shall be filed in such amount and in such form as, in the judgment of the Court, will insure the presence of the defendant in Court at the time of trial, having due regard for the nature and circumstances of the offense charged, the character and reputation of the defendant and the previous criminal record of the defendant. In no case shall the bail exceed five times the maximum cash penalty for each offense for which the defendant has been charged.
Hopi Code, Title II, 2.5.3 BAIL SET; MAXIMUM AMOUNT